Visual Data Explorer

Cyanova's primary product is called the Visual Data Explorer.

It basically takes a table of facts and allows you to quickly construct a number of different graphical views of that information. Some of these views are shown below.

The top-left view is of a Multi-Level Pie Chart, a form unique to this product. It is ideal for visualizing a breakdown or hierarchy of numerical values.

The bottom-left view is called a CrossTab graph and is also unique to our product. It is ideal for showing the correlation and distribution across two categorical variables.

Other Features

- All the graphs are dynamic
- Segments can be interactively opened, enlarged or hidden
- Graphs can be changed into alternative forms with a single keystroke
- Automatic multi-level aggregation of column values
- Views can be saved and regenerated automatically with new data
- Data can be imported from Excel, MS Access, SQL Server, or any database with an ODBC driver
- Platform is Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

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