Custom Software and Website Design

Cyanova has over 20 years of experience building high-quality software. A wide variety of programming languages and tools can be employed including C++, Java , Perl, COBOL, SQL, and HTML. Some recent projects are shown below.

Cyanova Science News

This is an index to the latest news in the world of science. Articles are organized by topic with the newest ones shown first. It demonstrates document classification and website design.

World News

This shows the latest world news organized by topic and plotted on a small world map. It demonstrates document classification, geocoding and Java programming.


MathStax is a java game to practice multiplication facts. It demonstrates simple animation and use of sound in a Java applet.

Parkview Public School

This site has been redesigned to have better graphics and a consistent navigational and design metaphor. CSS and other technologies were used to simplify maintenance.

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